Looking For Career Advancement? Why You Should Become A Skin Care Specialist

If you're looking for a new career, and you've decided to become a cosmetologist, don't stop there. Now's the time to look into becoming a skin care specialist at the same time. When you add "esthetician" to your résumé, you allow yourself to branch out, and expand your career opportunities. If you're still not sure about your career path, read the information provided below. You'll find four great reasons to train as a skin care specialist.

Unique Needs And Skills For Textured Hair

Although you will learn general skills in cosmetology school that are applicable to all hair types, there are certain unique needs and skills necessary for textured hair, such as curly and coily textures. These lessons will improve how you care for different hair types and expand the services you can offer. Basic Care Textured hair has unique hair care needs because it is usually drier than straight hair and there is the issue of tangling.

What A Continuing Education Program For Massage Can Teach You

If you're already working as a massage therapist, you'll likely be required to take continuing education courses to retain your license and employment. Continuing education requirements vary by location, and an accredited continuing education program for massage can help you fulfill all the requirements for your work location. Here are a few subjects that a continuing education program for massage therapy may cover.  Anatomy and Physiology To massage clients the most effectively, you should have a clear understanding of many of the different bone and muscle groups.

Interested In Bridal Makeup?

A woman's wedding day is commonly thought to be one of the most important days of her entire life. This exciting day finally happens after months (and sometimes even years) of planning. Although brides spent countless hours choosing decorations and flower arrangements, they often overlook an extremely important aspect of their special day: bridal makeup. Having the ability to do bridal makeup is an excellent skill to add to your cosmetic repertoire because it gives you an opportunity to be a part of the special day that is a wedding, and this talent can also give you the chance to make additional money aside from your regular income.